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Purpose: Craft

Posted at — Dec 30, 2020

This post is a part of a series where I explore my purpose in life.

Improving my craft is at the core of my purpose.

When we think of improving our craft, we tend to pick a single skill.

For example, I want to be the best woodworker I can be.

While that’s enticing, especially if you have an innate desire to seek mastery in one particular thing, I’m not able to.

I’ve written my opinions about specialization previously, and most of them remain. Striving for mastery in your craft is a journey in acquiring discipline and learning the value of consistency.

My strategy is to do this, just for various skills at a time.

Instead of prioritizing a single skill, I want to reframe my mindset to prioritize craftsmanship as a whole.

Placing purpose in craft means applying consistent effort to develop skills over long enough periods.

Placing efforts to compound existing skills is a sure way to feel fulfilled, knowing I’m contributing to a long term goal.

The following are currently the skills I’ve arrived at as most important:

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