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Posted at — Apr 5, 2021

This is part of the grateful series.


I woke up, disoriented, to this loud, obnoxious beeping noise. I must’ve been in an extraordinary dream because I was quite disappointed to wake up.

I might’ve been flying around as Batman, or cruising down Lakeshore on a motorcycle, as a loud beeping noise pulled me from one universe to another.

As my dream faded to the reality of my bed I realized the beeping wasn’t my alarm.

I don’t set alarms.

The beeping noise was from a large truck—construction.

I woke up and just as I was about to actualize my disappointment, I caught myself.

I thought about that kid across the globe who wakes up to gunshots, instead. One who wakes up to the crackling of fire, the night silence pierced by the sound of hot ammunition.

I immediately felt grateful.

Construction is a sign of fortune, really.

Construction means one of two things:

  1. Development
  2. Redevelopment

Having thought about this way, I went back to sleep feeling grateful for the sounds I’ll hear when I wake up.

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