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Christmas: 2020

Posted at — Dec 25, 2020

I went outside for a walk on Christmas Eve. It was snowing, and a few centimeters had already been laid out – like a blanket for the streets.

I walked throughout my neighbourhood, the same streets I walk on everyday.

Only this time, there was a metaphysical aura on the streets – perhaps the Christmas spirit.

Houses were lit with decorations. The air was filled with the smell of spices and cinnamon.

Houses were filled with warmth, both by the inviting nature of family, but mostly because of heaters.

Decorated House

It was the perfect recipe for Christmas, after all.

But then, it got me thinking. Christmas is a globally celebrated holiday, but snow is unique to a handful of countries – Canada being one of them.

Christmas, and Christmas in Canada are the same to me. There’s no difference in how I view the day.

But then, I examined that belief.

What are Christmas celebrations like in California? What are Christmas celebrations like in Florida? Do they also think of reindeer and snow, even though snow isn’t a phenomenon they witness.

I imagine kids are still told that Santa enters a chimney, albeit in coastal house beside the pacific ocean.

(to my kids: by this I mean Santa only makes it to the homes in Canada, but I’m not sure if he does in other places of the world. Don’t worry though, that’s why we live here!)

Maybe they aren’t. It’s hard to say, really.

I’m grateful that the Christmas I know about aligns perfectly with the Canadian Christmas.

Either way, I can say with certainty that the joy of the holiday is shared by all. I don’t participate in Christmas for the religious value it holds, rather as a collective time to enjoy festivities and appreciate family.

I imagine the joy of Christmas is ubiquitous, regardless of if you have snow fall or ice-skating.

Ours is just slightly better, though.

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