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Posted at — Oct 15, 2020

One feature of my body that I think has particularly bothered me in the past was the size of my limbs, namely my wrists and ankles. I have super skinny wrists and I’ve come to appreciate them for what they are, recently.

I have this bracelet that I got when I visited Canada’s wonderland in 2006, when I was the age of 5.

The bracelet still fits me to this day.

While it’s likely that my parents bought me a much larger bracelet at the time – for cost-effectiveness, of course - and it fits me extremely tightly now, the general idea is that my wrist size hasn’t changed substantially since I was 5.

Now, this would normally fuel my perception of this insecurity, but I think I have started to look at it differently.

I think it’s a particularly unique experience, being able to wear an article of clothing from when you were 5. That’s pretty cool.

Foreground Background

That is indeed the CN Tower in the background; an absolutely stunning fall morning by Lakeshore.

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