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Posted at — Aug 6, 2021

I don’t have or use social media, but this blog is kind of like Snapchat or Facebook.

In which ways, you ask.

Well, I think my blog serves as a time capsule. Occasionally, I’ll read through some of my older posts to get an understanding of where I was.

There’s many times where I read old posts and wish I could give that Paarth a hug. Sometimes, I wish I could leave him with a piece of advice or a comment that’d snap him out of delusion. With the retrospect of the present, I can observe change in emotional state and state of mind. Some of my older posts demonstrate stark differences in how I was feeling.

I’ve been writing long enough that I can now observe a 1-year memory. Every day, I check to see if I wrote a post on that day and read it to myself.

Snapchat used to show you memories of pictures from years ago, and Facebook displayed an “On this day” tab. It’s also quite interesting to engage with the nostalgia presented. Well, this incites a similar feeling. You can reflect on the post, the thoughts you possessed and how much you agree or disagree with your past self.

I was surprised to understand how much progress I’ve made emotionally in a year. I think without reflecting back I wouldn’t have realized it. I’m sure it’ll take a year to realize that even now, I’m recovering. The progress is the more interesting discovery, though.

I disagree with many of the ways I formulated my thoughts or made conclusions about events that I observed. I was naive and easily fooled. Perhaps, I still am—it may just take another year of growth to realize.

The memories “feature” of my blog also reminds me to write daily. Recently, I’ve been avoiding publishing my drafts. I’ll lower the barrier to post. After all, I’m sure I’ll appreciate reading what I write today, 1 year from now.

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