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Acting on Thought

Posted at — Sep 2, 2020

This is a reminder to myself. Here are all of the others.

Act based on what you think, not what you feel.

This quote has been said in many different ways, but when I phrase it like this to myself, I find it sticks best.

The idea is simple.

We’re beings that are capable of thinking, and feeling.

We tend to act on our feelings.

If we’re angry at someone, we lash out.
If we’re feeling hungry, we eat junk food.
If we’re feeling tired, we skip an exercise.

In all of these cases, we know what to do. We have thought about these scenarios, and generally speaking, we know what’s right.

We know its best to avoid lashing out.
We know to eat healthy.
We know to train hard and consistently.

It’s simply a matter of acting on your thoughts.

I believe your feelings are there to be observed. They serve as indicators of the external, but to respond to them, we must act on thought.

If you’re angry, make yourself aware of it.
Observe it.
Once you have, it’s significantly easier to act on a level-headed thought basis.

Soon the anger dissipates and you’re supposedly happy.
Observe the happiness.
Once you have, continue to act on thought.

You’re far more likely to remain happy.

To consciously endure and sit with your feelings, while you act in the most rational way possible demonstrates the highest level of control of yourself.

To be able to act in accordance to what you think.

It’s hard. It’s also something everyone should strive for.

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