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Posted at — Dec 17, 2020

How is it possible to accept yourself as you are, but identify areas to change?

I tend to hear this notion of self acceptance often. You should love yourself as you are.

I find this concept hard to digest.

I want to be stronger.
I want to be leaner.
I want to be more patient.
I want to be more calm.

These are things I’ve identified in myself as areas to improve.

If I accept my current state – and by accept I mean truly internally accept – does that not hinder my desire to improve myself?

I will be stronger.
I will be leaner.
I will be more patient.
I will be more calm.

I’m going to become that future version of myself because I won’t deem my current level of patience as acceptable. I don’t want to accept my current level of strength.

Now I’ll make a clear distinction – and perhaps this is where the acceptance part comes in:

I’m not content with where I’m at, but I am content when I do what I need to do each day to push me closer to this ever moving goal.

I find acceptance in the constant progression.

This innate want for something “more” is dangerous. I know there’s nothing out there that will fulfill me.

The things I strive for are all attributes that I hope will pay dividends in the long term.


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