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Posted at — Jan 3, 2021

I started my blog on March 5th, 2020.

Since then, I’ve authored 100 posts.

My goal, as outlined in my first post, was “to develop and iterate on my own thoughts”.

When I read back those words I wrote a year back, I’m astounded. I didn’t know where my thoughts would take me, the clarity I would acquire, or the types of posts I’d end up writing.

All I knew then was I wanted to explore writing that I found interesting.

I think I’ve done that, and I’m using this post to celebrate – for whatever it’s worth.

On reviewing my collection of posts, there are some interesting observations I’ve made.

My posts have become much shorter. I find them more palatable to write – and more digestible to read. There’s a challenge in keeping things terse. I like challenges.

While I’ve never tried to introduce structure into my writing process, it appears on reflection there are a few styles of writing I frequent.

1. Exploratory writing

In these pieces, I explore concepts, ideas, and aspects of life I haven’t quite understood.

When writing in this style, I surprise myself. I uncover my own opinions, and how I truly see life.

My favourites: death, kids, curiosity

2. Observatory writing

I use these pieces to make observations on the life I live.

Most of them occur on my daily walks, my favourite part of the day. When I have writer’s block, a walk is a perfect solution.

My favourites: pastel sky, stargazing, falling leaves, footsteps

3. Expressions of gratitude

Arguably the most impactful pieces I write are those where I express gratitude. I’ve used my platform to express gratitude for arbitrary aspects of life.

These pieces never fail to bring me up. They help me feel content. My stresses are trivial when I feel grateful.

My favourites: dalchini, rain, shower thoughts, breeze

4. Poetry

Writing poetry surprised me the most.

Poetry presented me with the opportunity for self-reflection and emotional observation. It’s been an exercise in sharpening my communication skills.

Writing prose can be fast. I have an idea – I write out the idea, and it’s done.

Poetry, on the contrary, slows down the process significantly. An idea for a poem is often followed by hours of meticulous, creative exploration, to finally give birth to the idea in the desired form.

Poems I’ve written: quarantine, distraction, rustling leaves, senses, a new relationship

5. Long-form storytelling

These are – perhaps – my least favourite.

I’ve trended towards shorter posts, so these tend to feel sluggish and harder to write. I continue to do them though, for entirely selfish reasons. One day, I will share these stories with my kids. If I can’t, I hope I included enough detail for them.

The length of these posts buys them real estate that other posts simply don’t have. These stories are often filled with creative paragraphs that make use of this buffer.

My favourites: an encounter in sweden, spelling bee, lousy laptop, dislocated shoulder

6. Short-form storytelling

The natural segue from long-form – short-form.

This ought to be one of the more fun pieces of writing I take on. It’s really quite entertaining to relive a moment by exploring it, articulating it as briefly as possible, and then often deriving a lesson or learning from the story.

If you’re an avid reader of mine, you’ll become quite used to a lesson being pulled out of thin air. On reflection, I cement the lesson before writing and use the recount to emphasize the lesson.

It’s surely a unique authoring experience.

My favourites: breaking rules, motorcycle, bracelet

7. Emotional explorations

The most shocking categorization of posts.

If I asked myself 8 months ago whether I see myself using my blog to publicly explore my feelings – I would’ve said no.

In fact, if I knew I wouldn’t have started my blog.

Here we are, though.

Through my writing, I’ve learned the value of observing my emotions, exploring them, and letting them move through me. I’ve become more vulnerable.

These pieces make me extremely uncomfortable, but I value them the most: weakness, crybaby, a slapshot of anger, butterfly

I’ve impacted my life greatly through writing.

I hope to have an impact on someone else’s too.

Love my blog?
Hate my blog?
Have feedback?
What’re your favourites?
What style of writing do you like most?

I’d love to know what you think – please reach out!

Here’s to post 1000.

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